What exactly is The Dairy Detox?

Good question! First, let us introduce ourselves. We're Allison and Michelle, longtime friends who have been thriving dairy-free for a combined 25+ years. We believe that nobody should feel like a slave to the dairy industry—so we're here to liberate you! We've combined our passion for dairy-free living with our individual expertise in cooking, health, filmmaking, and photography to bring you this awesome and life-changing program. 

The Dairy Detox is a comprehensive 12-day program that will teach you everything you need to know to live and love the dairy-free life. If you've ever thought "...I could never live without cheese," we've got you. We're here to light the way and show you that yes, there is a delicious life after dairy.

In just 12 modules, you’ll learn how to transition to dairy-free eating while still enjoying your favorite foods (think: milk, ice cream, butter, and of course the big one—cheese), we’ll teach you about nutrition, how to shop smart and clean, how to eat at restaurants and share meals with friends, and so much more.

Each day you’ll get a video and related course materials. We know that community is a strong indicator for success, so you'll receive exclusive access to our Dairy Detox community group on Facebook where you can connect with others, share support, build relationships, and ask questions. 

By the end of these 12 days, you may already start to notice health benefits. Some of our students have experienced clearer skin, healthier weight, increased energy, improved digestion, and more vibrant health overall. And that doesn’t even touch on the benefits that reach far beyond the personal—to our planet and all those who live on it. All it takes is one thing: ditching dairy. What are you waiting for? Join us!  

Michelle & Allison