The 12-Day Dairy Detox course is designed to get you started with vegan living. You can look forward to delicious plant-based recipes, two weeks of daily videos, a sample meal plan, time-saving tips, and more that will help you on your path to dairy-freedom and feeling your best. Ready to build healthy habits? Let's go!



So many of today's afflictions are a direct result of what we eat. Processed foods. Factory farmed animal products. Antibiotics, pesticides, and hormone disruptors. It's no wonder so many people feel like crap. 

You probably know people who are struggling with their weight in their 30s, popping cholesterol meds in their 40s, get open heart surgery in their 50s, and hip replacements in their 60s. Maybe it's even you. Just because this is common nowadays, doesn't mean it's normal. It's not. 

Waiting until crisis strikes isn't the answer. Your health is important to you and everyone who loves you. And your future is dependent upon the actions you take today. So it's your responsibility to do everything you can to prevent (and reverse!) heart disease and so many other chronic illnesses. Your future self will thank you.

While it's not always easy to change bad habits, there's a formula, and we're here to help make it simple for you. 

Just like the buddy system in grade school, sometimes you need a helping hand. We've been where you are, we know change can be scary, and we're here to guide you every step of the way to make healthy living easy and delicious.

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♡ Allison & Michelle


Allison and Michelle combine their passions for wellness, cooking, meal-planning, coaching, and filmmaking to make healthy living fun, easy, and accessible for all!

Allison Rivers Samson

Allison is an award-winning vegan chef, author, speaker, and Self-care Coach. She is known as The Maven of Mmmm...for bringing joyful expertise to living a deliciously compassionate life.

Michelle Cehn

Michelle is a filmmaker on a mission to make healthy living fun through gorgeous photography and visual storytelling. She has reached millions through her creative, relatable, and engaging videos.


We’ll help you build healthy habits to look and feel your best. Say hello to clearer skin, more energy, and a happier relationship with food.


Take a peek at a few of the modules within the 12-Day Dairy Detox program. We'll be covering all things dairy-free, from how to detox your kitchen to how to make your own plant-based cheese sauce!


You got it, sista! And we're so glad you’re lovin’ what you’ve seen so far :)

The 12-Day Dairy Detox is our online program designed to help you finally let go of those “naughty” dairy foods that are sabotaging your wellness goals and contributing to all sorts of unpleasant chronic health problems like inflammation, acne, digestive troubles, and that stubborn muffin top. 

Together we'll kick the crap to the curb and learn how to replace it with equally delicious and satisfying plant-powered foods that are nourishing and healing for your body.

In just two weeks you’ll learn how to satisfy those cheese and pizza cravings without reaching for dairy. You’ll gain the knowledge, tools, support, and community that are critical for achieving your goals and staying on the dairy-free track.

Before you know it you won’t even miss the foods that you once felt slave to. And ultimately, you’ll say buh-bye to the daily sluggishness, to those stubborn pounds, to that confidence crushing acne, and to the totally embarassing digestive troubles.

Every day you’ll receive a new video from us, and we’ll coach you through the period of learning, detoxing, and transformation. Any good detoxing can feel challenging at times, as you break old habits and develop new ones, and as your body recovers from years (maybe even decades?) of abuse and neglect. That’s why we’ll be here for you every step of the way, and we’ll break the program down into simple do-able steps that you’ll feel confident tackling one bite at a time.

In addition to the daily videos, you’ll have access to a sample meal plan, tip sheets, bonus how-to recipe videos, a rockin’ tribe of fellow wellness warriors that you’ll get to connect with in our online community, and so much more.

Plus, you’ll have direct access to us—Allison and Michelle—throughout the 12-day program. You can ask us questions and share your wins and struggles. We are your coaches, your guides, and your cheerleaders, and we are just as committed to your success as you are! And don’t worry, if life gets too crazy and you do slide off track, you will have lifetime access to the course, so you can go back any time for motivation—or perhaps you can use it as an annual healthy reboot!

Get ready to feel amazing, vibrant, and refreshed, with a new vigor for life: Join us now!


From dropping unwanted pounds to feeling more vibrant and energetic, our students have experienced profound life improvements and you can too!

Liza Tuck

I'm changed. I'm liberated. I feel great! I am so happy I took this course. I feel lighter, my acne is gone and my skin is glowing. I'm wiser now about my place on this earth and how I can help it. Thank you Michelle and Allison, for changing my life for the best.

Julia Carol
Life Coach

When I wanted to release weight, I tried to stop eating cheese—my favorite go-to food—and couldn’t. That's when I knew something was up. After listening to all the good advice and applying the tools in this program, breaking the dairy addiction was a snap! I feel so much better now, and I don’t even miss dairy—not one bit!

Raitis Stalazs

As an athlete and entrepreneur, I’m always on-the-go and I thought dairy was an essential part of living a healthy and energetic life. After just a few weeks of letting dairy go, I was amazed to feel healthier and more energetic than ever. Plus, I know that I’m doing good for the world!


When you join us for The Dairy Detox you'll be automatically entered to win a collection of artisan plant-based cheeses from Miyoko's Kicthen! 


Community is a strong indicator for success, so we created a dairy-free community for you! Join us to share experiences, Qs, and more!


Have you ever...

Had to leave behind that cute outfit because it hugs your hips too tight?

Dodged the group selfie so there wouldn't be a record of your blemishes?

Wiped cookie crumbs from your face, feeling instant regret?

Wasted precious moments of your life thinking obsessively about food?


It’s time to look in the mirror and love the person staring back. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin and to enjoy food. With no regrets. You deserve to be happy. To navigate life as your most vibrant and energetic self.

We get it. You’ve probably tried exercising, eating healthier, and maybe even turning to medications to manage your symptoms. But let’s face it, what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working. And there’s a reason.

Believe it or not, there’s something lurking in your fridge that is undermining your efforts: Dairy. What was once America’s prized food, is quickly becoming known in the medical community as a major contributor to all sorts of chronic issues, like acne, digestive troubles, asthma, weight gain, diabetes, and even cancer.

Yep, we know, we know. It’s scary that something so ingrained in our culture could be the culprit that’s causing us to feel like crap.

You’re probably thinking: “Ugh, yeah, I should really try cutting out dairy at some point.” We know how it goes. Putting off our health because we’re busy, tired, and overcommitted. Prioritizing everyone else above ourselves.

But where to begin? Dairy ingredients are in so many of the typical foods we buy that it seems near-impossible to avoid. The thing is that there is a way to do this successfully—and it’s not so hard once you learn the ropes. Through a specific process, you can discover tips and tricks to help make the transition a breeze.

Detoxing from anything can feel difficult—alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and even junk food! You know how hard it can be to develop new healthier habits, even if you want them really badly. Changing patterns, especially in isolation, can be a struggle. Now you won’t have to do it alone.

It’s time to stop saying, “I’ll eat better tomorrow.” You are ready now. Ready to take a risk, to jump into the scary field of change, knowing that you will come out the other side so glad that you did.

Transformation is waiting. Happiness, health, clarity, energy, and a newfound vigor for life is in reach, if only you take the initial steps of action. 

Give yourself 12 days, do it all at once, and go at your own pace. Commit to learning a new way to take charge of your life, and not only will you feel better, but you’ll be able to take care of everyone else better too.

Join us now to step into the new you!


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